Adrian-makeoverChris Green, of “MEAN GREEN TRAINING” has been a good childhood friend of mine for awhile, we played varsity level sports together. As the years went by I went through a stage where I was lying to my self about my weight. I was still involved in sports coaching basketball & playing in men’s leagues so I felt I was doing what was needed to be in shape but I wasn’t seeing any good results. Until I let Chris talk me into coming to a week of boot camp, which I did. I loved the fact that his workouts where made to suit anyone at any time. All I remember him saying; “its what you put into it will be determined by your results. Every since then I was hooked, I gave my all in each workout session. Once I realized the pain was temporary I started seeing results. I am still a working progress and have a long way to go & with out the help of mean green training I would probably be still in the same shoes I was in, very overweight, no energy, no sense of dieting and eating what’s right. Joining his program has helped me physically, mentally & spiritually, I owe it all to him and the positive environment he brings u into.  THANKS, CHRIS GREEN & THE MEAN GREEN STAFF FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE & TO THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THE SAME COMMITMENTS I HAVE CAUSE WITHOUT THEM PUSHING ME AND MOTIVATING ME TO PUSH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HARDER BATTLE TO DO ALONE… iT FEELS GREAT TO BE 30 POUNDS LIGHTER AND STILL COUNTING. THANKS!