alisonpicI know you. You hear the words “boot camp” and your heart is automatically instilled with a sense of fear where you wanna run and hide, stick the old routine. Because of this fear you’ll just stick to the 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical do a couple of abs or squats in call it a day. That definitely was me. I had heard about this boot camp through a co-worker and several others from work followed in tow, but I was afraid to try it. 

I thought, “Man, I’m not cut out for a boot camp. That’s for friggin hard core badasses that can flip over tractor tires and run a mile in 1 minute or something.”

I don’t know what pushed me to try it, but I finally went after work one day. I will not lie: I was lying down, back on a bench after 15 minutes (shoulda eaten something before! but also I’ve never done a workout like this before). But I jumped right back in and finished out what I could.

And that’s the thing, the entire time I was there that first day, I felt so welcomed and everyone was really encouraging and positive. No judgment, no negativity. I know that sounds cliche, but I kept coming back and saw that this was one big family, all different walks of life, different goals, but the strength of the mindset and team the same—Believe. Achieve. Receive.

Great mantra, in which you really realize the power of those words once you join a Mean Green boot camp. I joined because I was pretty bored with what I was doing at the gym, wanted something a little more intensive, and definitely wanted more muscle tone, better endurance, and to overall make working out incorporated in my way of life. I DEFINITELY love this boot camp and the trainer, Chris Green. He is truly passionate about what he does, your biggest motivator in wanting to see you do well in whatever goals and standards you set for yourself.

biggest PROS for me (besides Chris himself):
(prices vary according to how many sessions and how often you workout with him and the group per week, but trust me, super affordable.)
(I’ve met the most amazing people through this boot camp, the most inspiring, the funniest, the most motivational…I love them)
(ask him, and he’ll message or text you with work outs during the week to get ‘em in; additionally there are seminars every few months to address what I like to call working out your mind. It’s a good time to stop and put everything in perspective; also meal planning, health tips…pretty much anything. you get one-on-one attention for sure)
(Mean Green Training Boot Camp delivers: my endurance is better, I’ve got better muscle tone, oh, and that annoying little bit of flab in my tum tum? yeahh got that thing under control ;) as for weight loss or to lose inches, you definitely see in other members over time.