AlizaMakeover-2ndSeveral years ago I was privileged to lose over 55 pounds with Weight Watchers; but after I reached plateau, I became discouraged and lost all interest in “counting points” and exercising.  In order to break my plateau, I would try different “fad diets” that required little to no exercise.  I had immediate results, but as soon as I got off those diets; the pounds came back on.  I finally faced the fact that eating right and exercising consistently was the key I needed to be successful.  I dreaded going to the gym, and would think of every excuse in the book not to go.  While at the gym, I would tend to use the same machines and wouldn’t push or challenge myself to try new things.  So as a result, I became bored with my workout routine and just maintained my weight.  Then one day, a MGT member put a flyer on my car about a boot camp in my area.  I called the number, and it has truly been a blessing ever since!   Being a part of Mean Green Training, not only has helped me to lose weight and inches, but it has also helped me to develop a positive attitude about exercising.  As a matter of fact; I love it! I feel guilty when I miss a day of working out. Chris and the other MGT members help keep me motivated to reach my personal goals.  MGT has also helped me to build endurance and believe in myself.  I never would have thought I could run 2 miles without stopping!  I am also more confident about the way I look, I feel great!  Thank you MGT for helping me to achieve my results both mentally and physically.