ashleyimageGrowing up I was always called the fat kid by my siblings and other family members. In high school I began playing basketball and slimmed down drastically during that time. Although my body was smaller in frame, my emotional and mental perspective of myself had never changed. About a year ago i decided that the 30 pounds i had gained since high school was unexceptable. I then joined a bootcamp and lost about 9lbs in four weeks. Loosing the weight felt great, but there was still something missing. Months later I decided to give bootcamp another try, but this time it was Mean Green Bootcamp. This may sound crazy, but after the first day of initiation I felt like a different person. There was this powerful energy from Chris as well as the other individuals in the camp that immediately made me feel like I would receive all of my desires. I was pushed and challenged each and every session and by refusing to let quiting be an option i began receiving results. After 6 weeks of attending MGT I had not only transformed my physically state, but my mental as well. It felt great putting on jeans that fell right off. It felt amazing to have people compliment me and say I’m glowing and they see the change. But the best feeling from it all is waking up everyday, looking in the mirror and loving myself. Mean Green Bootcamp has transformed my reflection and I now see a healthier, stronger, more complete person looking back at me. I started an inside thing with the girls, but I’ll share it with you today…” Don’t be afraid of your sexy, it’s mission 10th grade body at MGT!!!!