makeover.0111Growing up I was always an overweight kid, even in high school. I went on to college and gained more weight but at that point in my life I had to make a choice of staying fat and dieing at a young age are doing something about it. So in the fall of 2009 I heard about Mean Green Training Camp and at that moment I had made my mind up to become 250lbs are less before my 25th Birthday.       
        Starting out at 277lbs I felt like I had to do something real fast my pants and shirts was not fitting like I wanted them to and just walking up a flight of stairs was a task.  Starting in boot camp I was wondering what was I getting myself into running, push up and lifting weights that was not me and better yet doing it in front of other people who were smaller then I was that made thing much harder and it really was, but with the help of Chris and the other members in camp I felt a sense of ease.

As the days turned in to weeks and the weeks in to months I was feeling better about myself I was looking great and had a clear mind (well some days). But just having someone there that can help you build endurance, gain strength, lose body fat and give you words of motivation was something I was looking for and I found it along with losing 27lbs in five months. I feel great and I have learned not to let the small things get to me. Since becoming a member of Mean Green Boot Camp I have lost weight, gained muscle mass, and I have joined Team In Training to run my first Marathon.