makeover.010Training with Chris (Mean Green Training) has been the best experience ever! Not only have I lost pounds and inches but I have gained soooooooooooo… much confidence. One thing I love about the boot camp is having that accountability with one another. Many can loose weight on their own but very few can stay committed. With MGT we are a team: a team that is committed to helping everyone succeed their overall RESULTS! Recently, I lost 14.5 lbs. in 6 weeks. Not only was Chris there assisting me daily with workout routines and food suggestions; but, the boot campers were surrounding me daily with affirmations like “You can do it!”, “Great Job!”, and many more! Knowing someone cares about your goals is so amazing. I challenge you all today to stop making excuses why you can’t workout, or why u can’t loose weight: Give MGT 6 weeks; I gurantee, you will not leave the same. Pain is Temporary! but… RESULTS are forever! *