Dionne“As I look back over the past year I can’t help but be grateful for the AWESOME family I joined. MGT rocks!!! Deziree rocks!!! Humble rocks!!! I would not be almost 50lbs lighter now than I was this time last year if it weren’t for my MGT family !

I started my weight loss journey in September of 2011, weighing in at 225 lbs. In mid-January 2012 I started a 4-week trial period with Mean Green and have been hooked ever since. At the end of the 4-week trial period I weighed in at 217 lbs, which let me know I really needed help if I wanted to see more RESULTS. Now, at 176 lbs I’m more than halfway towards my overall weight loss goals. Most importantly, I feel healthier!! This is the first time I’ve consistently worked out for an entire year and LOVED it ! Even though I didn’t reach my goals every six weeks, I always made progress and Dezi was there to push and encourage me every step of the way!

Let’s have a “Dezi” moment…After a disappointing weigh-in, I decided to stop by a fast food restaurant and indulge in a burger, fries, and shake. Wouldn’t you know as I was en route to sabotage my future results I received a call from Dezi. She encouraged me to keep pushing towards my goals and to make a long story short, I drove away from the fast food restaurant empty handed. Only an MGT trainer would have that kind of timing! Thanks Dezi .

RESULTS with MGT is the best Christmas gift ever! I can’t wait to start on my new goals next year! Thank you MGT for being the best boot camp in Houston!

#RESULTS…no weight gain during the Christmas break!!!