Ellery-MakeoverAfter I attended a biometric screening at my place of employment, I was told that I was at high risk of being pre-osteopenia.  This meant that my bones were weak and that if I did not exercise to help them become strong, then they would shatter later on.  I did not want that for myself so I signed up for a gym membership.  I also wanted to lose weight, tone up, and be fit. Even though I was going to the gym, I felt like I needed guidance in order to help me reach my goals. I was a former training instructor for Tae Kwon Do so I had some prior knowledge of exercise techniques, but I wanted to learn more.   One day I received an offer for a one hour introductory session with a personal trainer.  I met with Chris and really liked how positive he was and his approach to fitness.  At first, training in the beginning was challenging because I wanted to see results right away.  After a few months my clothes started fitting looser and got compliments from friends and co-workers on how good I looked.   My confidence and self-esteem have greatly improved since training with Chris. Training with Chris has tremendously impacted my life in more ways that one.  He has inspired me to reach my fitness goals as well as personal and career goals because his mantra is that if a person believes in themselves and they strive for what they want, then they will achieve it.