jerry-dauesI have had the pleasure of training with Chris Green for over a year.  Chris combines an unsurpassed 
knowledge of training methods with excellent interpersonal skills to create an environment that maximizes advancement to your fitness goals.  Chris is a world-class athlete himself, and integrates the results of his own experience into his training techniques.  I am continually amazed at the wide range of exercises that he incorporates in my routines, most of which were new to me when he first introduced them.  These are not the typical exercises that you see everyone performing in most gyms.  Many involve relatively light weight or the use of body weight alone.  Chris’ ability to target all muscle groups with multiple techniques and numerous variations on those techniques creates the “muscle confusion” necessary to maximize growth. As a result of working with Chris, I am in the best shape of my life at age 46.  Friends have noticed the change in my physique, and I get compliments on a frequent basis.  As an avid golfer, I recently shot a 1-under par 70 on a championship course while on vacation.  That was a personal goal that for years I thought might be unattainable.  However, it became a reality due to the added strength and muscle control I have developed th
rough working with Chris.  “When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, you cannot do any better than training with Chris Green.