photoGridImage-300x300I found a Groupon for this “MGT boot camp thing” and thought, “Eh, why not, I’ll try it. I’m bored and I could stand to lose a few pounds.” Little did I know it was a blessing in disguise. It was hard. Very hard. I couldn’t do very much. I actually got frustrated and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue. But on week 3, I started seeing results and not just in pounds… I had dropped inches… I could actually see and feel I was stronger…I was running longer and faster by the week….but most of all, I was feeling happy with myself. I have gained so much confidence and I am proud of what I can do now. When I started, I could barely run 12 minute miles and only for maybe 1 mile! 10 months later, I completed my first half-marathon!! I am SO happy I found MGT. Trainer Ashley is so supportive and does NOT let you give up (without the yelling that is traditionally associated with “boot camp”). She is always PUSHing you because she knows you can do it. We all can. She creates a supportive, encouraging environment, and even if you don’t feel like working out, you still want to go. There are more days than not that I am just not into going. I’ve had a long day teaching, dealing with kids and administrators, I’m tired and I just don’t want to go work out. Somehow I make it there. And you know what? Those are the days that I feel the RESULTS the most! I started MGT for the physical results. Now I stay for the mental and emotional results. It keeps me sane. I mentally feel better after each and every work out and for me that means the world. When your mind is in the right place, your life is just better. There are no negative vibes in MGT. It is all positive and encouraging, even when you don’t know these people, they immediately feel like family. Everyone cheers each other on and gets excited for everyone when they reach that goal, or lose that pound…it is the best place to be…with the MGT P.U.S.H. Team!”

Push Until Sexy Happens!!!!!!