photo2-300x300I’ve always been an athletic person however, let’s be honest life happens, we get busy and we don’t take the time to follow all of the rules of a healthy lifestyle as much as we should. The week of March 12,2013 I decided that my health was more important and I needed to take my life back over and get healthy. I went on Groupon and bought the boot camp pass to Mean Green bootcamp classes that would eventually change my life forever. I bought the products, read the books , and I was immediately hooked and sold on this healthy lifestyle Mean Green promoted. Til this day I’m 68 pounds down and motivating everyone that I come in contact with that working out and eating right is not a diet, but it is a lifestyle change. One thing I always tell people is I never said it was going to be easy, it’s a mindset and as long as you change your mindset you will see results.