PicsArt_1386423409080-300x225Diabetes, high blood pressure, & sleep apnea are just a few labels that were given to me at the age of 30 yrs. old.  My doctors strongly suggested bariatric surgery as a quick fix.  In 2010, I did just that.  I went from 250 pounds to 155 pounds in just a few months & all of my health problems went away. I went from taking 16+ prescribed meds to just 1 for migraines.  As time went by, the weight started to creep back on; before I knew it, I was close to 190 pounds.  During my annual checkup, my doctor told me my blood pressure was high & I needed to go back on medication.  I asked my doctor to give me some time…just a few weeks.  As a nurse, I knew what I needed to do but I lacked the motivation.

June 2013, I joined the MGT Family in Humble.  From day one, I felt a great sense of belonging.  The Humble team welcomed me with opened arms & name tags (lol).  Dezi is an amazing, motivating trainer that does a great job to make everyone feel welcomed & empowered.  In the beginning, there were many days that I preferred to go home & crawl in the bed but I kept going.  Eventually, boot camp became a habit & now I look forward to attending each session. I also joined Dezi’s run group. I went from not being able to run ¼ mile to running multiple 5ks and now I am preparing for a ½ Marathon.  I have lost 20 pounds in 6 months and as of today, my blood pressure is normal!!!  I was recently asked, “What makes MGT Boot camp different from the others?”  My answer was, ‘it is not just about the weight loss; I’ve been there.  It’s about a lifestyle change.  MGT uses a holistic approach; it is a family that helps you transform not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.’  I now look forward to Fridays for a different reason – not for Happy Hour to go drinking but to leave work & get a run in.  I push myself beyond my limits during my workouts, at home, & at work.  I’ve been told recently that I am always so positive regardless of the situation.  This new and improved lifestyle is contagious!! It’s amazing to witness so many of my loved ones (family& friends) are now making great positive changes in their life.  Many of them are now motivated to join this lifestyle journey with me.  I truly believe the MGT Boot camp family is responsible for this great transformation and for this I am grateful. M-G-T…..Results, Results, Results!!!!…….