makeovers.011Training with Chris has been an enlightening journey as well as one of the best investments that I have made.  Chris has worked with me in staying motivated, making better health choices and educating me on how to change my diet and exercise routines to get the results I want. Most trainers I have met are not interested in educating you so that you can continue without them. However, Chris has designed workouts for me, assisted me in designing my own home gym as well as provided meal plan tips tailored to me.  Joining boot camp has proven to be a way to extended my health network as well as  broaden my horizons to understand that the battle with getting in shape does not have a size. Each of the members of boot camp have there own goals and help to motivate you in reaching yours. When I want to stop an exercise before completing that last three reps, it is usually someone in my boot camp that catches me and says “Come on girl, three more!” Boot camps are also a way that you get to know what things other people are doing to keep on their exercise routine. I have attended exercise classes, gotten recommendations for food choices and DVDs all from other members of my boot camp.   What has kept me training with Chris is that I feel that he listens to my concerns, is interested in where I am having difficulty and genuinely wants to see me reach my goals.