frameShareFile-300x300MGT has truly been a blessing.  One day my sorority sister (Erica Lewis) who attended the class told me I should try it out. As a result, I joined MGT boot camp in Spring of2013 and used to  run in Schott Park in the evenings and often saw the workout group. However, running  alone was  not enough. I needed something to give me an extra boost  so that I could lose the last twenty  pounds  since having my daughter. Needless to say, I loved it right off. I used to run track in school so I am accustomed to rigorous workouts. But this workout was different, I loved the variety, muscle confusion and the positive attitude from my trainer Dezi. Some type of way she knew I used to be athletic. She would always push me extra hard…over and above what I thought I could do. This included making sure I filled out my food charts, checking in with homework and giving 110% during boot camp class.

I sincerely appreciate the love and dedication Dezi has into whipping me, as well as others, back in shape.  I truly could not have done it by myself.  She is truly a Motivated God sent Trainer who helped me achieve my pre-pregnancy body results!!! She has made me feel like the track star I once was.  Love ya Dezi D!