Month-before-afterJoining MGT (Mean Green Training Boot Camp) has been very rewarding. Occasionally, we all go through life dreaming on how to achieve the perfect body. Unfortunately, we have to overcome the challenges, obstacles, and the anxiety we have when thinking about weight loss. This is where Chris Green comes into the picture. Chris knows how to empower people with giving them the knowledge, patience, and endurance to find their inner strength to withstand the mediocrity of settling for “averageness”. Before joining MGT I was being conquered by a spare tire. This calamity felt like an act of aggression that was brutal and very revealing–especially when being shirtless. At age 46 with a very beautiful wife and two kids it was time to give up the power and addiction of the remote control. Although I really didn’t expect to lose so much weight as quickly as I did, my weight was dropping dramatically, day after day, by working out with an exceptional group of people that became like a close family to me. There is Ashley, who has the incredible flexibility of Houdini with a following of individuals, including myself, who strive to have the quality, speed, and power she has in her quick legs (My Idol). Dawn whom I nicknamed roadrunner due to the speed she has when running. The passion people have at MGT is always so positive. Like, Charissa and her best friend Linnzie who always have a way of putting words into a rewarding way to continue pushing onward. Also, there’s Alison, Wes, and Heather who thrive on enormous energy in the air that’s present. I’ve had stunning results due to the motivation and guidance of Chris and the many individuals that bonded together, as a fantastic team, always pushing one another to get the eye-catching results and satisfaction we all would like to acquire. After losing an amazing 25.8 lbs. in only five weeks of time I can honestly say if anyone wants to get into superb shape or just lose a few pounds and reap the rewards of youthfulness then joining MGT along with Chris and his fantastic smile and cool green shades is the way to go.