nancyI like to give special thanks the “Meangreen Bootcamp” Chris Green and Deziree Green for inspiring, encouraging, and motivating me to lose the weight and inches that I have lost. I have been with “Meangreen Bootcamp since April 11, 2011. Chris and Deziree has been nothing but “EXECELLENT” in educating, and motivating me on how to eat healthier and lose weight, surely it has been a trial time for me…….By GOD’S Grace and Mercy, and “Meangreen Bootcamp” I have lost over 20 pounds and about 21 ½ inches. I attend bootcamp twice a week on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I knew I had a problem with my weight, but wasn’t motivated to get started with any exercise. In March 2011, my church held a Health Fair, and Chris Green were there holding a seminar. Listening to a well spoken gentle talk about eating healthier and exercising was enough for me to say I need to attend his bootcamp. I like to say to Chris andDeziree thank you so much for your job well done. I would suggest anyone who is struggling with low self-esteem because of your weight; to join “Meangreen Bootcamp for some life changing “RESULTS”. Look at me before and me after my “RESULTS”. I am “NOT” going back; I will press forth for more “RESULTS”. Until then come on and get some “RESULTS” in!