NeelWhen I first met Chris, I was fresh out of undergrad and weighing just a little over 200lbs. I really let myself go and needed to do something in order to keep my energy level up at work, get motivation to stay focused in graduate school, and adjust to moving to a new city. Then, I met Chris by signing up for one of his mean green bootcamps and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever met. Sure, I occasionally ran and rode a bicycle but I need something that was more cardiovascular intensive, losing fat, but also build strength. Since joining Chris and the trainers at mean green training I have lost over 40lbs and my lifestyle habits have completely taken a U-turn. I started eating better, my energy level was up lasting me longer through the work day, and it helped with the ladies as well. The great thing about mean green’s approach is the motivational team building approach he encourages in all of his trainees. It’s different from other bootcamps where your physical workouts are part of a group where motivation is encouraged rather than a singular isolated exercise. I’ve been with Chris over a year and every single time I work out the exercises are challenging, engaging, and keep your muscles guessing. I weigh 158 after losing over 40lbs woking with Chris for the past year and I even completed my very first triathlon. Pain is temporary but results last forever!