makeover.010_2_2Thank you so much Chris! A year ago I was in a pretty bad place. I was drinking alot and trying to fill my emptiness in all the wrong ways; bad decisions with people, food, and drinking. As you can see in the first picture I had scratches on my face from a car accident, another bad decision. What pushed me over the edge to get my life in order was an email from my mom in January 2009, God rest her soul, that was to say the least some very tough love about my weight. I started walking with a friend, eating better, and removing people that were only negative influences. Soon enough I started loosing weight and feeling better! I also decided to quit smoking, so I felt even better after I got that under control. I joined Bootcamp in November because I kept hitting plateau after plateau. It was another good decision; the group and Chris were exactly what I needed to stay motivated. The workouts continue to push me to the next level and the group cohesiveness is amazing. I am in a much better place today compared to last year! I am not losing weight nearly as fast as when I began, but it is still coming off and my lifestyle changes have remained constant. I have an amazing boyfriend, wonderful friends, and can enjoy my life. I will continue my journey through life in a positive, healthy way with the help of the wonderful people in my life, including the people I met in bootcamp, and of course my mother who is looking down on me from above. Thank you chris for helping me believe in myself, acheive my goals, and recieve what I deserve!