leanie“Bootcamp to me has turned out to be much more than a physical work out. MGT does a fantastic job of attempting to develop us both physically and mentally; I didn’t expect to receive that when I intially signed up, but I’m certainly glad to receive it. And it’s working. I’m “truly” starting to believe that anything is possible if you work hard and BELIEVE.

I feel so overwhelmed at times with trying to run my personal household, a successful business, and making times for workout. But because of MGT….and I have a “little” to do with it as well , MGT pushed me to maximize myself and NOT COMPROMISE. It’s not always easy, but Chris stressed that “as long as you’re moving” then I should be closer to my goals. And I am.

You and Shana are so positive and inspiring, and Leanie will not disappoint.

You’re the best, Chris!”