TerryFor  years I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight.  I always had the mind set that I wanted to improve my weight but I never took any actions . It was rough always being the overweight girl with the 
group of skinny friends. I finally got fed up with hiding my weight behind baggy clothes and jeans, so I decided that I needed to change things before my self esteem reached an all time low. For months I heard many great things about the Mean Green Boot Camp Training, but I was too afraid to try it because I was so out of shape I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the training. One day Chris was a motivational speaker at a work Seminar and I felt like his entire speech was aimed at me. I finally made the effort to sign up for Boot Camp and that was the day that changed me mentally and physically.

Boot Camp has taught me to push harder even when I am doing my best and to never say “I can’t”. It has encouraged me to always set goals and stick with them no matter what interruptions may occur. My body is in the best shape it has ever been in my entire life. Everyday at Boot Camp is challenging, but I am surrounded with others that motivate me to do my best. On the days that I am not at Boot Camp I exercise with the Mean Green Training Workout DVD’s to stay fit. Even the DVD has encouraging words and challenges me to give my workout all that I have. I no longer have to hide behind the baggy clothes and jeans, I have graduated to sexy dresses and skirts. In the words of Chris Green “It’s not easy to being a sex symbol!” RESULTS!