terralI started Mean Green training during the spring break of March 2010. I started out as a size 22 and at a weight of 270lbs. I have struggled with my weight since my childhood. I would do the norm, which wasloose a little bit here and there and always gain it back. With my own efforts I would get down to around 230lbs but never any lower. I was turned on to boot camp by “Dawn White!” She inspired me to want more results for myself. I always had the willpower within me. What I needed was help from the Mean Green’s founder Chris Green! Week after week the pounds dropped and muscle definition formed.

It is now August 2011. I currently weigh 195lbs and I’m wearing a size 12, medium shirt sizes! Truthfully, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Sometimes I feel like an infra commercial but then I realize that this is all real and not a dream. Please do not get me wrong, boot camp is amazingly challenging, the workouts are tough to the point of pain, but I promise if you stick with it just for one six weeks you will become addicted to the RESULTS! I can finally fit the latest fashions from Express, Loft, and Limited (all of the skinny stores)! It’s a feeling that is so indescribable. It feels so good when people come up to me in pure amazement of my transformation. Mean Green training has boosted my confidence, emotional and physical appearance. My arms, legs, and thighs have gained muscle, and lost fat while gaining clear definition. This summer I wore a swimsuit that I have not worn in years! I am so happy and fulfilled in my life. This has been a life changing transformation that will not stop here. I still have a goal of 20 more pounds to loose. But that comes with more perseverance, more willpower, more consistency, correct eating habits. I will be able to Believe, Achieve, and Receive all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength.”

Chris Green, the words that I have to say cannot truly thank you enough for all of your hard work and confidence in me that you have humbly displayed and deposited within me. From the simple talks that we share, the motivational texts messages and speeches throughout the day, and as small as checking up on me on my off days. May God bless you and grant you all of your hearts desires!