TyeshiaBoudreaux.001-300x2211On my first day of boot camp, I must admit that I was nervous and scared. I hadn’t worked out in months, and I was afraid that it would show. My self confidence was at an all-time low. But as soon as I arrived at boot camp, my other team members and Chris welcomed me with open arms. I knew then that I had made the right decision. After six weeks of training, I am happy to say that I reached some of my goals regarding weight and total inches lost (10 pounds and 7 inches). My endurance is up and so is my self-confidence. I could not have had such great results if Chris and my teammates weren’t there to push me. They encouraged me the whole way. At times when I felt like I couldn’t push any more, my teammates and Chris encouraged me to go the distance and “reach for that person in the mirror.” Chris was also available morning, noon or night when I had questions about anything. Having a trainer who really wants you to reach your goals makes it all worthwhile. Chris has a positive attitude that is contagious, and he made me believe in myself. I highly recommend Mean Green Training to anyone who is serious about reaching their goals for 2010.