Wes-makeoverYou know sometimes you make decisions not knowing exactly what the hell you are getting yourself into. When I heard the word “boot camp” at work one day I made sure to walk the opposite direction and stayas far away from that person as possible for a while. Because in my head I pictured some guy in a drill Sargent’s hat yelling in my face, rolling around in the mud, bullets flying over my head, and a lot of lost lunches (far fetched I know but the word boot camp sounds really SCARY!) So I began to notice all of these people I was avoiding at work looking really really good: tone, buffed, slimmer, in overall better shape. So after my girlfriend went a couple times to test out the waters for me. (don’t hate!) I decided to go give a couple sessions a try, I had weight goals in mind that I never thought would be possible and had nothing too lose. (except maybe my lunch) 

The first day of boot camp was a little rough, as it is for many. I made it through with having to take any extra breaks but only barely. But the one thing that I remember the most from my first day was the support that got from not only Chris Green the trainer but the constant encouragement from rest of the group. Typically the workout groups is about 8-12 people and every session feels like you are working out with a family. There is no hostility or negative competition, just people who have all sorts of goals and a group of people who want you to achieve your goals. 

From the first workout, Chris Green is right there in your corner with his constant unwavering support. From the beginning I felt as if I had entered a whole new world of exercise, a world of real results. Each session last 1 hour and consist of either an upper body, lower body, or full body workout. Also, each work out consist of a healthy amount of cardio and abdominal exercises. Each session last 6 weeks with a possible 3 sessions per week, depending on how many days you sign up for. After each session you feel as if you have just accomplished something great. You have taken a step towards that goal that you never thought possible despite feeling completely exhausted but that good exhausted, the type that leaves you wanting more. As the six week session progresses, you begin to gain stamina and confidence. You begin to look forward to working out and begin to learn more about yourself mentally and physically. Once I discovered the vice that truly gets in the way of my weight loss goals, I began to see weight and inches drop of of my body. In one session, I lost 12lbs and 10 inches off of my body and have lost a total of 40 lbs since I started boot camp and I have not been at this weight since the beginning of high school. Mean Green Training Boot Camp has changed my life and I know that I can continue to achieve my goals with my hard work and the support of those at boot camp. 

Boot camp has been a life changing experience and I am now one of those people who gets the compliments about how great I look. I still have goals for myself and believe that I can achieve everyone through mean green training. I have truly learned new life skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain the goals that I have accomplished. So I encourage you to come on out and work towards a new healthy lifestyle.