Owner/ Trainer/ Motivational Speaker/ Personal Coach

chrisGreenarms-682x1024The International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified Christopher Green in the winter of 2007. Chris is filled with a very successful and athletic background. Achieving great honors in high school by playing basketball, he received a full scholarship to play basketball at powerhouse Houston Baptist University (HBU). Chris accomplished great honors such as reaching the national tournament three times, defensive player of the year, the team’s 6th man of the year, and also held the position of being the team captain. After graduating with a degree in communication and minor in kinesiology, he signed a professional contract to play basketball for the Houston Takers. He made 2nd team All- ABA and was selected the ABA West All- Star Team. The combination of Chris’ passion for helping people better their lives, knowledge of fitness, powerful and positive personality transformed him to being a great personal trainer.

“Pain is temporary, but RESULTS last forever.”
 Chris Green

His unique style of training methods, previous basketball workouts, and consistent work habits has helped his clients reach their desires and goals. Chris helps develop all his clients to build their confidence to believe, achieve and receive their desires. Chris had created a proven system, that he studied for years. One of his philosophies is understanding yourself internally, which will help you produce the results you desire externally. Besides his excellent with one on one personal training and boot camps, his one on one coaching and self improvement seminars are powerful! Countless people across the city have transformed their lives with the system he has developed. With the combination of all of the methods he has created, Mean Green Training is considered the best workout and transformation program in Houston.

Chris specializes in helping people lose body fat, inches, gain muscle(s), gain confidence, self-control, and taking sport athletes ability to another level.




DesiresMGTpicDeziree has a strong athletic background. She was a 4 year starter and team leader at a 5-A high school where we accomplished many goals and championships. After she excelled with excellence academically and athletically, she received a full scholarship to several schools across the country. She chose to play at Texas A&M- Corpus Christi over Southern Mississippi, University of Memphis, University of Houston, and several other schools. 3 out of her 4 years, she was a starter and a team leader, not only on the court but off the court. Her basketball career conveyed numerous aspects about how to effectively be a leader and how to inspire the people around her to never settle and always believe in their goals. Understanding how vital the mind and knowledge is to everyday life, Deziree also focused and applied my leadership skills in the classroom.

Dezi graduated Cum Laude with her concentration in Kinesiology. She was inducted into The Athletic National Honor Society and was a 3 year Academic All Conference player. Deziree is always thrilled to have the opportunity to not only help people achieve their physical goals but also how to improve their mental state and their way of thinking, which gives her the ability to help transform people’s lives with her training techniques. She specializes in providing her clients to in believing in themselves. With her combination of previous workouts she have experienced since she was playing ball (at the age of 5), knowledge of her studies, and her caring personality set her above others.

“RESULTS are earned, not given” Deziree Green



With a passion for achieving goals, Milton was always looked upon as a leader. He has a degree from University of Houston and played football for the power house North Shore High School. Due to an injury, he had to pass on the opportunity of playing collegiate football. However, the love of sports and training always stayed in his heart. He went into coaching football, basketball, and track with a middle school and a high school in the Houston area. With15 plus years of coaching experience, he has help mentor and develop a countless number of people and has inspired them to reach their potential. Milton is very positive motivator and leader. He is committed to helping others receive their goals.

People love his style for pushing you to become the better you. He does an awesome job of building your confidence to where you feel like you can achieve anything. His workouts are challenging, but with his support and energy, you will overcome any workout that he designs.

“Everyone deserves to be happy. Why not you?” Milton Green



If you ever wondered what passion looks like in the flesh, then you have to meet Ashley Perrot. She exudes an undeniable amount of passion for inspiring, motivating, and enriching the lives of those she encounters. As a formal athlete, Ashley experienced many triumphs and trials that have sharpened her ability to rise above anything. Over the years she learned the power of believing and the importance of having a strong support system, beginning with self. As a certified Health & Physical Education educator, she strives to teach each of her students the importance of believing in self.

Ashley’s transition into becoming a motivational trainer is unique, because she herself arrived at Mean Green Training 3 years ago as a member seeking results in her life. 50 pounds lighter and over 30 inches later, Ashley has proven that she understands the importance of commitment, sacrifice, consistency, and discipline. These are key elements she believes will allow her clients to achieve and maintain all of their goals & desires. Anyone that knows Ashley knows that she is a ” no limits” type of person. She will PUSH herself and you to limits you thought were impossible. You will often hear her chanting, P.U.S.H ” P.ress U.ntil S.exy H.appens”! “Don’t be afraid of your sexy, just P.U.S.H.!” Whatever your sexy may be, you will never leave a workout with Ashley wishing you would have worked harder. Her heart won’t allow her to give her clients anything less than the best, so you can always expect to look and feel your best.

“P.U.S.H.- Press Until Sexy Happens” Ashley Perrot



I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and earned my Bachelors degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. My family refers to me as Kelsie “GO” Lendermon because I have never been one to sit still for very long. Despite my constant movement and love softball, growing up my weight was something I always battled. In 2007 while I was in College I decided to take control of my weight and began setting goals for myself. I realized then if you really want something, you will figure out how to make it happen. I moved to the Houston area in November of 2012 and discovered Mean Green Training in December. After doing some research I began boot camp in January of 2013. I felt so welcomed and driven on my first day and every day after that I knew I wanted to help people feel the drive I had. After about 9 months of boot camp I earned the opportunity to become a trainer with Mean Green and my goal to help people has become a reality.  In addition to boot camp I love running, and any type of races. I have participated in 5k’s, half marathons, obstacle mud runs and sprint triathlons and love them all. Since making my lifestyle change in 2007 I have lost around 100 pounds and I am excited to help others achieve their goals as well.

“Keep going!” Kelsie Lendermon



My name is Jonathan Brooks. I have been involved in sports & fitness for 10+ years. Jonathan has a strong background in sports training as well as coaching experience. Attending Bellaire High School, Jonathan played and participated in various sports from boxing, football, baseball, and track&field. Boxing being his first love Jonathan went on to excel and compete in more than one sport. Graduating from Bellaire High School in 2006, Jonathan went on to play college football and baseball for Blinn College. Suffering a bad injury before the start of the season, Jonathan went on to recover and start a path in a new direction personal training, with the idea of helping athletes advance in there respected positions and avoid injuries. Playing various different sports over his lifetime Jonathan has been able to motivate and raise the bar for athletes as well as people just looking for great workouts. Jonathan’s strong communication and motivational skills allows him to stand out as a top trainer. Helping people reach life-long healthy habits is what he thrives on. High intense motivational training helps to keep Jonathan’s clients in top shape and earning results.

“Healthy body, healthy mind!” Jonathan Brooks



Frank Perkins is a husband and father of two beautiful children. He has been involved in athletics since his youth, participating in football, track and field. He has trained as a mixed martial arts competitor ranking 2nd place at his first match in the heavy weight class.

Frank has for years enjoyed challenging youth and adults physically, spiritually and mentally since 2001. As a Prevention Specialist on substance abuse, he has dedicated himself to inspiring the students he encounters to see the greatness within themselves, in spite of the constant barriers they may face in their lives daily.

Frank has taken on the distinct privilege of transitioning into a “Results Magnet” of a trainer. This is apparent as he began the beginning of 2013 training under Mean Green. He by far has been working diligently during his training and is determined to stay consistent through challenging workouts to gain his own personal fitness goals.

Thirty five pounds lighter, Frank understands what it means to go through the pain to get to a healthier gain in life for himself and his family. You will hear him shouting out at times “It hurts soooo Good”! As he wants to share his inspiration with others and motivate individuals to be the best they can be.

Just understand your pain is temporary and the gains of life last forever. No struggle will last forever.  If you want to meet or be connected with a caring, disciplined, determined, comedic, resilient, and motivating human being who has been blessed by God in leaps and bounds, I introduce to you, Frank Perkins.

“It hurt so good!” Frank Perkins